The Best Answer for the Worst Clutter

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This past weekend an article came out in Minnesota’s Star Tribune that featured an interview with organizing guru, Peter Walsh. In it, Walsh states "Clutter isn’t really about stuff at all. Rather, it’s about our relationship to stuff. Clutter becomes a problem when people look for meaning, support and affirmation from their belongings, instead of from other people." I couldn’t agree more. I’d like to describe an approach I take, to illustrate this point.

Book Review: Organizing From The Inside Out

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Ten years ago I didn't even know there was such a thing as a PROFESSIONAL Organizer. The first one I knew of was Peter Walsh from TLC's Clean Sweep. Not knowing where else to turn, I emailed Mr. Walsh, who started me out with two excellent pieces of advice: join NAPO and read Julie Morgenstern's Organizing From The Inside out.


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