Organizing: It Ain’t About Being Perfect

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Yup that’s me, enjoying a heavenly IPA at Coalhouse Pizza. That’s about as close as this 7-day-a-week business owner gets to happy hour. The laptop comes with me, so I can write posts like this one. So what’s the point I’m making here? I consider myself very organized and I, literally, make it my business to empower others with organizing, but organizing has got nothing to do with being perfect.

What Your Time Management System May Be Missing

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If the conclusion you are drawing from the combination of this title and this photo, is that your Time Management System is missing Post-It notes, then go ahead and laugh. There’s a little more to it than that, but I stand by my Post-It’s. There are a lot of time management systems out there, both paper and digital, but I have found that NONE of them facilitate prioritizing, especially sudden RE-prioritizing.

Staying Organized When It All Goes Wrong

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Being organized makes even the worst events in life better. It just requires a shift in thinking. In fact, it is quite possible to find organizing easier, when there is true adversity. I’m always surprised how often clients greet me with apologies that they haven’t been able to stay organized because of emergencies that come up.

Drops in a Bucket

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Originally from Matt Baier's Organizing Works Newsletter, September 2008 DROPS IN A BUCKET Getting the most out of your time requires many of the same principles as getting the most out of your space, including benefiting from a series of small gains rather than expecting one big one.

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