Organizing Fairy Dust

In my last blog post, I gave some examples of the science of organizing. I explained that what we do is not magic, it’s science. This time, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the magical ideas I have encountered over the years about organizing and professional organizers. I call these ideas organizing fairy dust.

The Right Sort

When speaking of people, “the right sort” tends to have a very nasty usage, but when speaking of excess stuff, “the right sort” is the best way to get some really good organizing started.

Typically, when one resolves to organize a cluttered basement or home office, there is a tendency to throw out not enough of what needs to go, too much of what shouldn’t go, and put the keepers into systems that won’t last. All of this can be solved by good sorting practices.


Organize Before You Mobilize

One question I get all the time is “Should I get organized before I move or after?” I say definitely get organized before you move, because good organization travels well. Save Money Good organizing begins with good purging.  There’s no better time to purge than before a move.  The more you get rid of, the more you will save on …

A Purge By Any Other Name

Is it possible to get organized without purging first? Not really. In a healthy household, old stuff must circulate out as easily as new stuff circulates in.  Circulation prevents accumulation.  When it’s as natural as breathing, it’s easy to stay organized. “Purge” means not only toss, but donate, sell, gift, or simply reassign.  Nonetheless, many of my clients just don’t …


Make Organizing Toys As Simple As Child’s Play

Toys can be one of the hardest things to organize and I think this comes down to three things: 1. We are hung up by convention 2. We expect the same from kids as we do from ourselves and 3. We keep toys too long. What follows are three toy organizing systems I don’t like, followed by three systems I …

When In Doubt, DON’T Throw It Out

When In Doubt, DON’T Throw It Out I realize this title sounds like organizing heresy, but it’s really all about learning effective organizing habits. When purging clutter with my clients, I tell them that I would prefer that they NOT throw out an item they’re not sure about, than have them waste time and focus with fear and regret. It’s …