Celebrating Freedom Though Organizing

Saturday we celebrate Independence Day and the birth of our country. This country grants us many freedoms, but it’s amazing the barriers we impose on ourselves. I have found organizing to be a great liberator.

We are free to buy, consume, and accumulate as much as we want, but of course, the excess that results can act as a barrier to some more important aspects of our lives. Here are some random thoughts I have had over the years, regarding freedom and organizing.

Limitations breed freedom.

By establishing dedicated zones after a systematic sort and purge, you are creating reasonable limitations. Staying within these limitations actually gives you the freedom to enjoy an organized space. These include the freedom to be more productive, the freedom to enjoy quality time, and the freedom to find and access exactly what you want, when you want it.

Momentum trumps perfection.

When processing your excess items, it is more important to keep a steady momentum than to make the perfect decisions every time. If you come across an item that you feel like maybe you should discard, but you’re not ready just yet, simply identify why you are keeping it, then free yourself from potential regret and free yourself of making the perfect decision. This will give you the freedom to get through the process and the confidence that you can do it again!

Value of empty.

After you organize your closet or bookcase, leave some space open on the floor. Don’t feel obligated to fill it. There is value in the empty. That open floor space gives you the freedom to access the items in your closet and on your bookcase.

Surface area is vital.

A clear work surface is your number one organizing tool, because it gives you the freedom to process. This ability to process and keep things moving is vital to stay organized. Circulation prevents accumulation.

Living in the now.

The clutter we keep can be divided into our clutter from the past (keepsakes) and clutter for the future (I might need that someday.) While it is important to honor the past and prepare for the future, we don’t want to get weighed down by the past or future. Happiness is found in the here and now. Letting go of these burdens gives you the freedom to enjoy today.

Are there freedoms that you associate with organizing?