Staying Organized with Launch Pads

Being organized does not necessarily mean that you accomplish everything faster. Being organized, however, does require that you help yourself by establishing actionable areas to make your finished goals easier. I call these actionable areas, launch pads. Here are some examples of some key launch pads to keep in a typical household.

Homes For Projects

Active projects need homes as much as passive supplies.  Anyone who reads this blog or has worked with me knows that I value a clear surface as the greatest organizing tool above all else.   For this reason, my first act of helping a client get organized is always to create a clear work surface.  This is act is often met …


Circulation Prevents Accumulation

Circulation Prevents Accumulation This is the big one.  This is the trunk of the tree from which all my other organizing philosophies branch out.  But what exactly do I mean by circulation? A truly effective organizing system must circulate freely, just as your body’s blood supply must circulate freely.   In both cases, when there’s a blockage there’s a problem.  It’s …