Attic Organizing Strategies

If all clutter is “postponed decisions” (and it is), then it is probably safe to say the decisions in the attic are the MOSTponed.


But I’m Organized At Work

One of the things I often hear during my consultations with prospective clients is “I know things are disorganized in my home, but, believe it or not I’m very organized at work.” Well I do believe it. Here’s why.

Celebrating Freedom Though Organizing

Saturday we celebrate Independence Day and the birth of our country. This country grants us many freedoms, but it’s amazing the barriers we impose on ourselves. I have found organizing to be a great liberator.

Steps Up, Not Stones Across

It’s not uncommon for clients to ask us to work our organizing magic in several rooms in their home—in one day. Our magic doesn’t come from jumping from one stepping-stone to the next, across the house. It comes from building steps and climbing up to the next level.


To understand what it takes to stay organized, it might be helpful to change the spelling of the word itself. The word “go” needs to be at the heart “organized.” To be truly organized, you need to be or-GO-nized.

I know the definition of organizing, but I haven’t found a satisfying word origin. 1375-1425, late Middle English from the Medieval Latin organizare- to contrive, arrange— is not doing it for me.

One, Two, Four-get It!

I have a simple little theory that explains why it is so hard to stay organized. While I have never tested it scientifically, I have observed it throughout my life and in almost every home I have organized. I call it the One, Two, Four-get it! theory.

It begins with two other organizing beliefs of mine. First, I believe that a clear work surface is your number one organizing tool. Second, I believe that limitations breed freedom. For example, if you limit the

Top 10 Dedicated Zones

Establishing and maintaining dedicated zones are essential to staying organized.  Here are the top 10 dedicated zones every home should have. 1. Out-the-door zone.  Leaving the house can be a stressful moment. “Did I remember everything I need?” Keep a small table or shelf near the door JUST for the items you need to make a point of remembering: cell …


How Dedicated Zones Work

How Dedicated Zones Work “Dedicated Zone” is an expression professional organizers (like me) throw around a lot, but what exactly does it mean and how does it work? A dedicated zone is an area, as small as a drawer or as large as a room, that one reserves exclusively for one category.  The dedicated zone should be determined at the …


Out The Door-ganizing

Once you have purged the stuff in your home down to a manageable quantity, there is no more important practice to stay organized than to establish DEDICATED ZONES.  These are areas in your home (or office) that are dedicated to one purpose and nothing else.  The stricter you are, the easier it will be to stay organized.  Perhaps the most …


The Five Levels of Being Organized

Being organized means different things to different people, but I have discovered five essential levels of being organized. These levels are helpful to recognize because they explain why getting organized can be so time consuming and they explain why jumping from level zero to level 5 is pure fantasy. Level 1- cleared space My first stage in getting folks organized …


Make Organizing Toys As Simple As Child’s Play

Toys can be one of the hardest things to organize and I think this comes down to three things: 1. We are hung up by convention 2. We expect the same from kids as we do from ourselves and 3. We keep toys too long. What follows are three toy organizing systems I don’t like, followed by three systems I …

Kitchen Organizing

Thanksgiving can be a time when you really wish you were more organized in the kitchen. You can find 30 salad plates that nobody uses, but where’s that gravy boat? There is more built-in storage in the kitchen than in any room in the house. This should be helpful, but all too often it causes more problems than it solves. The greater the opportunity …


The garage is usually the most underrated room in the home. The garage’s purpose tends to be “where the junk goes,”but if you assign dedicated zones, your garage can be a horn of plenty. Dedicated zones help you see just how much useful stuff you have and they keep useful stuff more accessible. Here are five useful tips to create dedicated …