How Do You Do a Seasonal Switch in Less Than 30 Minutes?

It’s hard to know the right day to put summer clothes into storage and bring out the winter clothes. For me, I thought that day was today. Turns out, it’s gorgeous! Still I don’t think I’ll need my sandals and shorts tomorrow.

As a professional organizer, who finds himself inside many people’s homes, I know this is a task that tends to get put off, sometimes all season! Part of the problem is, that this seems like a task that will take a long time, maybe half a day. Here are some tips for getting through the seasonal switch FAST.

Staying Organized with Launch Pads

Being organized does not necessarily mean that you accomplish everything faster. Being organized, however, does require that you help yourself by establishing actionable areas to make your finished goals easier. I call these actionable areas, launch pads. Here are some examples of some key launch pads to keep in a typical household.

Bedroom Organizing

You work hard so you deserve to have a peaceful sanctuary to retreat to every night. The right paint, drapes, and other décor can put you in a relaxing frame of mind, but first be sure you have a plan for quieting the clutter. Relaxation Dedication. We spend a third of our lives asleep, so it is appropriate to devote …