A Toast to the Perfect Organizing System

A good organizing system is like a perfect piece of toast. You have to set the right compulsion level for your system, just as you have to set the right heat for your toast.


Organizing Advice From Tio Sancho

There was a TV ad that ran in 1983 for Tio Sancho Tacos, in which Tio himself boldly declares that his tacos “don’t fall apart, so they taste great.” A schlubby guy from off camera says, “I don’t see the connection.” Tio invites the schlub over to try his (inferior) brand taco on camera while Tio tries his (superior) taco. They each take a bite and the schlub’s taco explodes all over his shirt. He tastes nothing. Tio smugly asks “How is yours?” The schlub answers “I don’t know. It fell apart.” Tio gloats, “Really? Mine is delicious.” So what does this 31 year old taco commercial have to do with organizing?


Organizing Social Media For Action

A while back I wrote a guest post on my friend, Brian Bish’s blog about organizing social media. Most of what I addressed was how Brian got my social media more organized through Hootsuite. This was great for establishing a manageable, weekly foundation, but I discovered I wasn’t good at the next and most important step: social interaction.

Again, I needed a simple, manageable plan, so I had Brian return this morning to help me with one. What struck me is how much his advice for effective social media is the same as the advice I give for staying organized. Here are some examples.


Organizing Fairy Dust

In my last blog post, I gave some examples of the science of organizing. I explained that what we do is not magic, it’s science. This time, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the magical ideas I have encountered over the years about organizing and professional organizers. I call these ideas organizing fairy dust.


Travel the World or Pay Storage Company?

Self_storage_unitsI have always contended that outside storage can be a huge waste of money. I received this letter from a fellow blogger, who serves up a hefty helping of further evidence. Enjoy.


Car Organizing Stuff I Love

Just drove back from a Thanksgiving weekend with my wife and father-in-law, after visiting Mum in Maine. For reasons that are unimportant and uninteresting, I found myself driving another car over the weekend and immediately found myself missing certain organizing conveniences from my car, including a couple of the ones I am about to list. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list of perfect car organizing tips, just a few I happen to use and like.

Why You Have More Space in Your File Cabinet Than You Think

The term “thickening agent” generally refers to paint and food products, but you might be surprised at how many thickening agents are in your file folders. Unlike gumbo, however, your files are much better off without these thickening agents. Here are six examples:


Why Am I Filing My T-Shirts?

am filing my t-shirts because I learned a terrific tip from CPO Alejandra Costello. She stores her t-shirts vertically, so you can get a better view of them. Brilliant! Here is her video explaining how she does it and the tool she uses. If you are too lazy to watch her 4:47 minute video or too lazy and too cheap to order her tool, like I am, here’s what you can do.


One Of The Best Things About Being Organized

One of the best things about being organized is being ready to do things spontaneously. You may not think of organized people as spontaneous, but to me, that’s kind of the whole point.

It Pays To Be Organized

A guest post by Stephanie Hyde from Monkey Bars Garage Storage System
To many people organizing seems like a daunting task that they’ll never get around to. If this is you, here’s a little push, simple steps like adding cabinets, shelving, overhead storage, and floor coatings can affect your home price by as much as 14 percent! (According to a Florida State University Study) Not only does this makeover give your wallet a boost, but it also helps increase the space in your home as well.

The Organizing Odd Couple

The opposite of out of sight, out of mind is in sight and in mind, but that’s often seen as a bad thing for organizing. If all your floors and surfaces are covered in clutter, it’s overwhelming and stressful, but the exact opposite is not a good thing either. Good organizing is about striking the right balance between what is hidden and what is seen.


How To Take Charge of Awkward Garage Storage

It’s pretty easy to run out and buy some shelves and bins for storage in the garage, but so many of the items in the garage are what I would classify as “awkwards.” Your beautifully shelved bins can be sabotaged by items like fishing poles, bicycles, and garden tools. To take charge of your garage storage, accommodate these awkwards before you shelve the items that play nicely with others. Here’s how.

The Shocking Truth About Getting Organized

To get organized effectively, the focus should not be on getting rid of stuff, but on what’s being kept. Really. That focus needs to be on what you are keeping, why you are keeping, how much you are keeping, and where is all going to be kept?


Why Your To-Do List Isn’t Working

Your to-do list isn’t working for you because you are trying to reduce 3 steps to just one. To get your to-do’s to done, requires three essential action steps:


Why Most Organizing Products Don’t Work

If it feels like you’ve tried every organizing product and nothing seems to work, don’t blame yourself. Most organizing products are inherently flawed. Why? Disregard of context.