Inbox or Invitation to Disaster?

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Beware the inbox. On the face of it, an inbox makes sense. It provides a single collection place for your unsorted items. The problem is that you gain a false sense of organization, because while there is an easy plan for entrance, there is no easy plan for exit. The best solution may be no inbox at all.

Gray Away

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So what does hair coloring and organizing have to do with each other? Organizing is never as simple as black or white, keep or toss. There is a lot of gray that must stay, but must be stored away. We’ve all been there. We can’t take that cluttered room anymore, so we go in with a trash bag and start tossing the old periodicals, the empty component boxes, but then we get stuck on a half finished craft project, the old documents, the expensive gift we never liked,

Where Bad Organizing Goes to Hide

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There have been several occasions, when I have explained to my clients the importance of keeping action items visible and they respond by saying, “Yes, that makes sense, but there are other items I just want to hide.” They’re not talking about hiding cash from thieves or inappropriate materials from their kids. They’re talking about hiding items from themselves.

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