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Paperless Organizing

Why go paperless?

• Get all your information, reference, tasks, projects, and events off your work surface and into your computer.

• Find crucial information in seconds.

• Secure vital documents and access them from anywhere.

Going paperless does not mean suddenly everything will be automated. Your participation is still required, just as in traditional organizing. But if you’ve got the patience and can learn to trust something other than the paper that is piling up on your desk, paperless organizing could be for you.

Unlike our other organizing services that involve a team approach, you meet one-on-one with our paperless expert, Marlie Reid.  Each session is 2 hours.

In the first session, we focus on getting you started with one paperless challenge and then introduce you to all the ways you can benefit from going paperless.

To find out more, call Matt at 203.428.6294 or send an email from our contact page.



Paperless bill paying, digital storage, scheduling, database, sharing documents between devices,

password management, emergency files, scanning documents, maintenance, and keepsakes…

we can help with all of it!


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