Product Review: 3M 1.5 X 2 Post-Its

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I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Those nasty little notes that litter my husband’s computer monitor and desk?” No worries. I don’t like that look either and I don’t like what it represents: inaction. What I do like, no, LOVE about the mini Post-Its is when they are used well. They are used best when they facilitate flexibility.

Product Review: Cablox™ Cable Management

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The Cablox Cable Organizer definitely taps into the whole minimalist aesthetic. Their one page website sells it’s experience as the “art of cable management.” It makes a feature of the fact that is designed in Denmark. For some reason, that makes me think of Brut, by Faberge, like that somehow makes it more special. It is, infact, about as easy a cable management system as I have found.

Product Review: Grid-It!

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The Grid-It! by Cocoon is one of those organizing products that folks get excited about on sight. "Ooh, what's that?" It really is like nothing else. It's essentially a board, of various sizes, with elastic straps, cris-crossing it, in various configurations. It’s useful for holding and organizing all sorts of things, but here are my favorite uses.

Book Review: Organizing From The Inside Out

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Ten years ago I didn't even know there was such a thing as a PROFESSIONAL Organizer. The first one I knew of was Peter Walsh from TLC's Clean Sweep. Not knowing where else to turn, I emailed Mr. Walsh, who started me out with two excellent pieces of advice: join NAPO and read Julie Morgenstern's Organizing From The Inside out.

Book Review: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization

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If you find that your biggest organizing challenges come from the trials of being a mother, A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is a great resource. It’s written by Debbie Lillard, a mother of three children and a professional organizer since 2003.

Product Review: The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500

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Our clients often ask, “Shouldn’t I just scan everything and go paperless?” My first thought is that there is probably a lot of paper that should be purged first. My second thought is that, for what’s left, your standard flatbed scanner is not going to cut it. The Fujutsu Scan Snap iX500, however, will.

Product Review: The Sticky Pad

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I guess I’m kind of late to come around to the virtues of the Sticky Pad, but I have to say I’m a fan. I first saw this product in use, as I do with so many products, by one of my brilliant clients. It's so simple. Just place the Sticky Pad anywhere on your dashboard and simply rest your cell phone (or whatever) on top of it. The pad will hold stop it from slipping off, no matter what. Really!

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