The Secret to the 10 Minute Purge

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You know those magazine articles or online features that offer “Great Organizing Tips!”? They almost always include a tip that says something to the effect of: "Spend just 10 minutes throwing out unwanted items." Often they advise to “just start with the junk drawer!” A ten minute purge can be very unsatisfying without three key guidelines. So the secret to the 10 minute purge is actually 3 secrets:

How to STAY Organized

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Last Saturday I awoke at 5:30 to organize my garage. Oh, I hit the snooze button a few times, but I still did get up pretty early to make time for a task that just never seems to rise to the top of my priority list. Why, you may ask, would a professional organizer need to organize his garage? Shouldn’t it already be organized by now? It’s a fair question. The answer has to do with an organizing process

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